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Dot Griffith

ArtBridge, Board Vice President

During her 40+ year career, Dot Griffith has earned a reputation as an accomplished photographer having showcased fashion, architecture, landscape, macro, medical, and environmental work. Additionally, she served as the archival preservationist for the Aga Khan IV. A dedicated environmentalist, Dot has used her craft to document the devastating impacts of the coal industry on the landscapes and communities in the southeastern US and parts of China while working for Appalachian Voices and the Waterkeeper Alliance.

She has also documented the effects the Canadian tar sands projects have had on the Indigenous peoples. Her commitment to environmental action is woven throughout her art work. She has been featured in photographic exhibitions, 

national magazines, scientific journals, and books as well as in private collections.

She currently sits on several boards including the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, the museum of Appalachian State University. Daughter of the world-renown concert pianist, Dorothy Lewis Griffith, Dot’s life has been immersed in music since she was a child. She brings her dedication and passion for the arts of all kinds to ArtBridge. 

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